About Logi Gold and Logi Energy

We are a group of investment and technology experts that are investing in a theme based on “Peak Oil”. We have carefully analyzed and believed that all the easy oil is drilled and now, we are “coasting” at the top of a very large “peak” of oil production. By the end of 2015, production for the worlds oil fields will collectively begin to drop. Along with this, we expect that exports from exporting countries will drop even steeper. These shortages and price increases have already created havoc in markets as ordinary people, strained by the cost of transportation and food, have been unable to pay mortgages on their homes from 2005 to 2010 causing a first of many collapses of the global economy. We believe that we are now in an economic downward spiral of lower spending, causing lower sales, causing less jobs. Government’s response has been more spending through money printing thus devaluing currencies globally. We believe for the next two decades, as we transition from liquid hydrocarbons to multiple energy sources for transportation, the investments of choice will be Energy, Gold, Alternative Energy, Alternative Transportation and Trading commodity markets. This blog is the backstory to our group and all we are doing.

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Energy, Transportation and Gold for the Next 2 Decades – People, technology, trends and the future of gold and oil